About Intercept Marketing, LLC

Revenue is the air that breathes life into your business. It carries you from payroll period to payroll period, allowing you to share the success your business achieves with those participating in its growth.

The task of increasing revenue is traditionally delegated to the marketing organization/consultants within a business. They’re tasked with bringing more, better and larger prospects to your table for the sales organization to convert into paying clients.

Unfortunately most marketing professionals think their job is to build your BRAND not your revenue.

If you’re a C-level executive, you’re all too familiar with their promises, experiencing sleepless nights, increased stress and overall discomfort with marketing strategies that cannot be directly linked to the bottom line.

WE FIX THAT, for businesses with as few as 10 and as many as 250 employees.

Intercept Marketing, LLC is a Cincinnati-based firm specializing in turning ordinary businesses into exceptional performers. We’ve been thrilling clients through the power of focusing their message on solving the problems of their prospective clients since 1999.

What We Believe

  1. You started your business with specific subject matter expertise and a desire to serve others.
  2. You prefer to spend your time using your expertise to deliver value for your prospects and clients.
  3. You started marketing your products/services by reapplying what you believed was working for successful businesses in your area.
  4. Your marketing activities are in addition to the already lengthy week you work serving your clients/customers.
  5. Your results from “me-too” marketing have not met your expectations.
  6. You have outsourced your marketing in the past with mixed, maybe even poor results.
  7. You have a unique value proposition you’ve been unable to successfully communicate via your marketing.
  8. You don’t have the time to create marketing material that captures the essence of your business.
  9. You make business decisions with your gut, supported by data and guarantees.
  10. You are willing to judge a new marketing provider on their merits vs. the failures of their competitors.

About Rick Barron

As a business owner I know that landing a new client can be a daunting task. You do great work and want to focus on doing more of that. Attracting your ideal customer (marketing) is often a bit of a gamble. How much time and/or money do you spend on finding and landing a new client? How much time does that take away from doing things you’d rather be doing such as SERVING your clients or spending time with your family?

As a business growth consultant I help established business owners and learning communities to literally INTERCEPT clients that are already on their way to their competitors! And, as a result, enjoy a more fulfilling and profitable career as a business owner who is enjoying the rewards of self-employment or an executive responsible for achieving their goals.

I know there are lots of marketing, website and SEO companies/consultants contacting you, many who’ve never had the responsibility to fulfill their own dreams nor provide for and support the dreams of others. I’m a business owner, like you. I’ve had to land my lunch, so to speak. I know that it’s not enough to get traffic to your site. My approach is not only to get you increased visibility via 1st page search rankings but also to help ensure those website visitors become customers!

If your business has plateaued, you’re working too hard to find and land clients, or you’re just not happy with the results you’re getting, then a conversation would be a great way to see if I can help. Feel free to schedule your 3 growth ideas session with me to open your eyes to new opportunities.

I look forward to learning more about why you started your business and how you’d like to invest your new freedom we’ll achieve together.